Not a Genre - A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand
Not a Genre -  A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand

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       Monsta Mash on vevo

           In September 2016 we set out to film the first music video for Monsta' Ma$h. It started in the recording studio, at Hidden City Recording, with platinum record pro engineer and producer, Elliot Lanam, who was the engineer on Queen Katy Perry's Roar Album. Monsta' pumped out two tracks in two hours and we were well on our way to helping Mash to Direct his first music video.

           With the help of Mash's Documentary film professor, Osiris Casteñada, known for his work with Rage Against the Machine and his many documentraies on human rights and civil rights issues specific to Latin America - Mash was able to assemble a team of students from Santa Barbara City College, UCSB and others around the community to make a music video in three weeks that would be released by the midnight Halloween deadline, much to the celebration of the community as the healthy anti drug, alcohol and cigarette message sends a very positive alternative message to teens who are surrounded by militant lyrics of drugs, murder and other negative numerous unnamed vices. Ma$h was recieved well by the Straight Edge Society and others, while racking up over 600,000 views on YouTube in the first month since it's release.

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First Live Show - Dogg Pound

December 3, 2016


        Monsta' Ma$h performs his first official live show for the God Mother of Funk album release party with the Dogg Pound Gang in Inglewood, CA.  

         at 1:52 AM Monsta' Ma$h closes the show with an 8 minute set, alongside Soul Cracka' leader and rap partner Johnnie Quest of Oxnard, CA  "The show was rough and we were performing new material with each other for the first time, so we knew that we were going to have to get some game film footage to look closely at after. We felt good about the show, even though we sort of got lost in the evening show lineup and played so late that the lights were turned back on and a guy was literally sweeping up the venue by the time we ended our set. It was perfect. I was sober and I still accidentally knocked down a pillar by the stage like I was Sampson pulling down the temple!" says Monsta' after the show.

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Monsta Mash - Stay on Edge (feat. Maddie & Tae) (Original Version) (Official) from Gallery Group on Vimeo.

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