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Monsta Mash Review


           “Monsta Mash’s newest and highly anticipated singles have hit the web with utter precision on both digital and tangible podiums! The impeccable track listings pack a 1-2 punch of exuberant energy with surnames 1. Stay on Edge 2. Waitin for The Rain 3. One Day U. Monsta Mash’s signature sound fortifies an interesting contrast of intrinsic sounds with witty unpredictable lyricism meshed into gruff acoustic guitar rhythms right out of the gate. The positivity of Monsta Mash’s music is a component that is noteworthy with inspirational messages embedded into the songwriting pertaining to perseverance through self-realization and strength. This artist taps into that power by telling stories of his own addiction in order to be of service to others in a positive conscious wave of affection. The chord progressions bring out dynamic energy into the mixes and fit crisply into the overall songs without becoming too overbearing to the listener. These tracks are simply original in a way that utilizes innovative musical techniques infused with older styles of music (throwback) to create a cohesive, novel sound. It reminded me a lot of Sublime in their hay day while raising the bar lyrically with intricate rap rhymes.  The tones and reverbs are lush adding a lot of depth to the music, but are strategically countered with in-your-face compression that brings about a nice vocal divergence. I really liked the analogue warmth of the samples on the tracks and its style reverts back to the days of great sound where saturation from analogue tape and outboard gear were prevalent. It takes a lot for an artist to put in that kind of commitment to a project but it is definitely apparent with how the album panned out in the final product; especially on an engineering and songwriting aspect.  Check out Monsta Mash’s newest singles in stores now if you want to hear distinguished pioneering and cognizant music that is pushing this genre in the right direction!”

                                                               - Carson Lee, Formerly of Wu Music Group



Review - Monsta Mash’s Three Debut Singles
By Brett David Stewart - Indie Music Critic - Strike Magazine

As an independent music critic, I’m no stranger to aspiring hip hop artists. In fact, they’re the bulk of what comes across my desk on a daily basis. The vast majority of it, however, is inundated with poor production and stereotypical lyricism. Many artists’ beats sound like they were stripped out of the presets in Garageband, and it often results in music best left untouched on their hard drives. I’d argue Monsta Mash, a performer from Santa Barbara, has broken that mold and released some music worth taking a listen to.

Monsta Mash has three singles available streaming now, all of which are preceding his five track unplugged EP due out later this year. The first of which, ‘Stay on Edge,’ has hints of Monsta Mash’s acoustic stylings, with a guitar elegantly accented by a thick, tactful beat. The musical style on ‘Stay on Edge’ is unlike anything I’ve heard before in the indie scene: it balances punk, pop, and hip hop in a surprisingly coherent way.

‘Stay on Edge’ has a few fascinating elements that make it as effective as it is. Monsta Mash’s delivery is absolutely compelling. He’s quite a personality, and as he injects his poignant personal story of overcoming substance abuse into his music, one can’t help but feel like they know Monsta Mash. His music exudes authenticity. Furthermore, ‘Stay on Edge’ has an inspirational element to it, best exhibited in the infectious hooks sung by a female vocalist.

‘Waitin for Tha Rain,’ the second single available from Monsta Mash, also incorporates an acoustic guitar in the backdrop of an intense production. Of the three tracks, the rapper is in his finest form on ‘Waitin for Tha Rain.’ His sly wordsmithing is unbelievable, and the whistled riff in the backdrop is one that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks.

‘One Day U’ is likely the most pop-infused track of the bunch, a ballad with quirky lyrics the likes of “I’m thinking your face should be my next tattoo” and “just like new wave hit the 80s, driving me crazy, I want you to be my lady.” It’s a fantastic entry in Monsta Mash’s catalog, perfectly complementing the other two offerings available right now.

I adore Monsta Mash’s sound. It’s wholly unique unto itself, and I’m very eager to see what he does with a fully unplugged EP. It’s hard to break through the rap scene, and part of that is developing one’s artistic identity and preventing it from being derivative or ostentatious. Monsta Mash avoids both of those pratfalls, and his music is very worth keeping close tabs on moving forward. 




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