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Not a Genre -  A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand

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January 25, 2017


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Vigilantes Radio Podcast Interview


January 19, 2017


with Dini Mussouni


1:45 minute in depth interview


Music and Universal Laws of Attraction


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 Monsta Mash Music Review

   Crossradar - By Chris Marsh


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Monsta Mash Article 

January 9, 2017


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Beyond the Record 

Interview December 16, 2016


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JamSphere Magazine online Article December 7, 2016


20 Questions with Rick Jamm


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AT Magazine Print Edition 


2015 Center 2 page article

Old Archives




Santa Barbara News Press 


Back to school issue 2003


Front Page -

3 page A Section spread.


By Leah Etling


2003 Santa Barbara News Press


Article Continued 



       The Monsta' with hair



Santa Barbara News Press


Recipient of JA Profant Award for the Arts


For composition of rap song entitled:






Baby Monsta' Ma$h


1977 Los Angeles Times


First Article


3 Years-Old


Chubby Wubby Monsta'

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