Not a Genre - A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand
Not a Genre -  A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand

Original MASH Game

         In 1983 Mark Mash, aka Monsta Ma$h invented the world famous M.A.S.H. game, which is an acronym, using his last name, MASH, for Mansion Apartment Shack House. This is a forune teller's game that millions of kids have played to predict how rich they will be, what kind of house they will live in, who will be their wife or husband, how many kids they will have and what kind of car they will drive. Of course it is just a game, for shits n giggles, or is it? Others came along and added other categories but there is a numerical value that was put into place in the original 4-sided game that may get you more than you bargained for. Play responsibly, be careful what you wish for - you just might get it!  - Monsta Mash


Learn how to play below. Watch Monsta's YouTube video on how to play the MASH Game



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