Not a Genre - A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand
Not a Genre -  A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand

Monsta' Ma$h - Electronic Press Kit


"...his flow really stands out, exposing an emotional undercurrent and inviting the listener to really lean in. Ultimately, just like the ketchup flows, this is the real payoff: an underlying vulnerability that ignores the usual bravado and presents something of what it is to be human."

                                         -Chris Marsh, Crossradar Magazine



"...utter precision on both digital and tangible podiums!" "positive conscious wave of affection...if you want to hear distinguished pioneering and cognizant music that is pushing this genre in the right direction!”

                                              -Carson Lee, Formerly of Wu Music Group



         Monsta Ma$h is a pop punk rapper with 33 years of stage and recording experience who commands a stage like nobodies business. With three new singles released for Christmas 2016, Mash is quickly earning the respect of the Santa Barbara community, Southern California's music scene and the music industry, already talking to several major record labels after performing one sold out show in Inglewood, California with none other than Snoop Dogg's famous Dogg Pound Gang of the 213.

         A recent graduate of Santa Barbara City College, Mash earned his Associates Degree in Liberal Studies after a 20 year struggle with addiction and a 9th grade education, to become an abassador to youth to local Santa Barbara County Junior High's and High Schools and advocate for responsible drinking and no drinking and driving campaigns. 

         Mash's first single, "One Day U" was recorded in New York with famous DJ producer DJ Naday with Phildelphia's favorite smooth R&B singer, Hersh, on the hooks. The 2nd and 3rd singles, "Stay on Edge" and "Waitin' for tha' Rain" were recorded at Santa Barbara's Hidden City Recording with Elliot Lanam, fresh off of his platinum record earning work on Katy Perry's Roar album. Monsta' is repp'ed by local Santa Barbara Music Attorney Justin Fox, lead singer of Dishwalla, who also worked on Katy Perry's Roar video. 

         In October of 2016 Mash compiled a film crew of SBCC and UCSB Film students, teamed up with several locally based Hollywood actors and the State Street Ballet to produce the first music video for "Stay on Edge," that premiered on YouTube at midnight on Halloween night to a shocking local response. In 4 weeks the video has racked up over 600,000 views, with the help of country group Maddie & Tae and Maddie & Tae fan sites who Tweeted the video link to several million faithful followers to the group who appear in the hooks of the song alongside Monsta. 

         Monsta began rapping in 1984 at the age of 10 and is extremely skilled at handling crowds. At the age of 16 Mash was already signed with Todd Singermann Management (Motorhead, Anthrax, Extreme) and legendary music attorney Brian Rohan (Aerosmith, Carlos Santana, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, The Pogues, etc) and was performing on late night shows with Rick Dees and Arsenio Hall, later appearing on Bill Maehr and other shows. What you can expect from Monsta Mash is original music, a faithful following and a great performance every time. 

         Currently Monsta Mash is compiling two traveling bands, one punk hip hop band and one acoustic unplugged band and is committed to bring music fans something new in 2017 that has never been done by a rap group; a true rap triple threat of conventional pre-track performances for night clubs, a punk hip hop band for live venues and festivals and an entirely unplugged band for a quiter high brow presentation of rap music that is yet to be done by anyone in the industry - If Jack Johnson was a rapper; He would be Monsta Mash unplugged.






"One of the most talented, inteligent and inspiring music artists that I have had the pleasure of sitting down to interview. Good music, positive message." 

- Leah Etling, Santa Barbara News Press



"Into the mind of a creative genius," Monsta Ma$h " an emotionaly charged standard."

-Beyond the Record



"Lewie’s a good egg who has been tortured by his demons of drugs and alcohol, but now I think he finally has a handle on it, so watch out.”
- AMB Magazine


(Monsta Ma$h) "could be to Straight Edge what CM Punk was, for years to come."

-Tweet, Straight Edge Worldwide



"I am looking over your material and I just watched your music video and I am thinking to myself, 'where does an artist like this come from?' I mean, this project has a very different vibe than anything I have seen or heard in hip hop and I am not just saying this to pump your ego but this is a very original piece of artistry."

-Rick Jamm, JamSphere Magazine






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Monsta Ma$h - Management

Sarah Anticouni


New 2016 Single "Stay on Edge"


*Fully Licensed Music with IDBM



Winner of the JA Profant Music Scholarship for the Arts for rap music composition.


1st Place - SOMA Awards at Santa Barbara City College.



Crossradar Music Review, Jan. 18, 2017


TMN Magazine Article, Jan 9, 2017


JamSphere Magazine Interview, Dec 2016


Beyond the Record Interview, Dec 2016


Alwayz Thero Magazine, Print Edition 2015


AMB Magazine, Sept. 2015


Santa Barbara News Press, Multiple Issues



Track Listing


1. Stay on Edge (feat. Maddie & Tae)

2. Waitin' for tha' Rain (feat. J Boog)

3. One Day U (feat. Hersh)






Mainstream Rap / Punk



Sounds Like


Black Eyed Peas




Digital Distribution


Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, et al



Social Media Numbers:


Reverbnation: Local Rank #1 

                           Plays 50,000+

                           National Rank #23

Facebook 1: 2100 fans

Facebook 2: 1056 fans

Twitter: 78,000 Active Followers

Street Team Twitters: 60,000+ Followers

Instagram: 1900 Followers

Soundcloud: 700,000+ Plays

YouTube: 850,000+ Views





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Monsta Mash One-Sheet - December 2016
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Monsta Ma$h Lyrics
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