Not a Genre - A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand
Not a Genre -  A Music Movement, an Experience, Haunting, Real Life Stories, an Authentic Brand

"...his flow really stands out, exposing an emotional undercurrent and inviting the listener to really lean in. Ultimately, just like the ketchup flows, this is the real payoff: an underlying vulnerability that ignores the usual bravado and presents something of what it is to be human."

                                         -Chris Marsh, Crossradar Magazine


"...utter precision on both digital and tangible podiums!" "positive conscious wave of affection...if you want to hear distinguished pioneering and cognizant music that is pushing this genre in the right direction!”

                                              -Carson Lee, Formerly of Wu Music Group


 "...unlike anything I’ve heard before in the indie scene: it balances punk, pop, and hip hop in a surprisingly coherent way." 

                                                   -Brett David Scott, Strike Magazine


Monsta Mash's, Mark Mash and Sarah Rachel performing at M Special for Fiesta 2017 - Goleta, Calif.

After the Fiesta Show at M Special with Sarah Rachel and DJ Frank Ramirez

Mark Mash on the red carpet with Manager Sarah Anticouni Friday June 10, 2017 at an event at the Argyle in Hollywood.





                      Monsta Mash on vevo






Vigilantes Radio Podcast Interview


                                                          with Dini Mussolini


For almost two hours Dini Mussolini puts Monsta Mash on the hot seat, talking about music, addiction and the universal laws of attraction.



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JamSphere Magazine online Article December 7, 2016


20 Questions with Rick Jamm


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